David Yang

2012 - BSE in Digital Media Design

Hi, I am David, a Junior studying Digital Media Design. I was one of the editors in COMM 262 and worked on editing the dance battle sequence. I also worked with Joey to film, edit and publish our "behind the scenes" content for The Penny. The experience was really fun as we got to interview our classmates and learn more about their passions in film production and acting.

Currently I am really interested in how the rise of internet technology can both benefit and harm society. I am taking COMM 409: Digital Media in the City with Keith Hampton. In our class we are exploring how mobile and social networking technology can be utilized to promote civic action and social interactions.

This summer, I will be back in the bay area (Where I grew up!) working at the Cloud Computing firm VMware. I will be interning as a User Experience Engineer. My job this summer will be to figure out how users can understand the abstract nature of cloud computing and I will be designing user interfaces that will visualize large amounts of data and allow for users to interact and manipulate this data.

Ultimately, I wish to improve the touchpoints between human beings and technology. I want to figure out ways to design technology that is not intrusive and allows for more organic interactions between users and hardware/software.