Maddy Yasner

2009 - BSE in Digital Media Design, Minor in Fine Arts | IMBD

After graduating in May 2009, I moved to NYC - first to work on an independent film shoot as a script supervisor, and then in a number of simultaneous part time internships, to increase my exposure to the industry as well as my chances of being hired at the end of the summer. The plan worked, and I was hired to work part time in the Machine Room at Click3x, one of the places I'd been interning. The Machine Room was my foot in the door - a way for me to become part of the team, learn the ropes, and prove myself to my coworkers. When the opening for a new producer came up, my coworkers already knew my interests and skills, and I was recommended for the job.

That was a year ago. So now I work as a producer at Click3x, which is a full service post-house in NYC. We do concepting and writing, design and animation, visual effects, editing, audio, color correction... I work in the Entertainment department, which means we work directly with TV networks on promos, show graphics packages, and all sorts of broadcast-related projects. It's been a great experience, and I constantly feel encourage and supported to learn and challenge myself in this position. I love the role of producer and feel it's a great fit for my skills and interests. In the future, I would love to find opportunities to work in children's educational media, since that area of entertainment is of specific interest to me. I would love opportunities to get in touch with other Penn students in the NYC area who are working (or are interested in working) in this industry!